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Who you’ll work with
If you like to work at the boundary between the technology and the customer, helping real customers, resolve real problems that affect their network security operations, you’ve come to the right place. The engineering Critical issue team in Cisco’s Security Business Group is a team of highly skilled professions with a focus on resolving customer-reported problems. Working with Engineering colleagues globally, we work across the spectrum of our customers: large and small, around the world, in situations ranging from the every-day to the highly unusual, intriguing, and captivating! We’re influencing the future of Cisco Security products by bringing our direct experience with our customers back to the rest of the Business Group. WHAT WILL YOU DO – As an AnyConnect Partner concern engineer, you will be handling hot customer issues and work closely with Engineering to seek customer issues, debugging, different areas of the AnyConnect Software Agent including Posture, Compliance, Remediation, VPN, Dot1x, etc, features.

  • Your responsibilities include understanding the AnyConnect solution, becoming familiar with customer deployment scenarios, and working to fix, assess, and reproduce customer issues.
  • You will orchestrate customer success and provide the voice of the customer back to the development team to drive product and customer sat improvements.
  • Increase test efficiency and effectiveness through review of customer-found issues and application of appropriate test approach, technology, tools, and innovation. WHO YOU ARE The ideal candidate possesses a broad knowledge of many different technologies, as well as a total system perspective and good knowledge of how networking devices interoperate. Solves sophisticated problems at the system level. REQUIRED SKILLS:
  • About 5 years of strong development background in client application development on Windows, Mac OS X and/or Linux platforms.
  • Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills with exposure to relevant tools and technologies. – Experience with network analyzers and network troubleshooting tools – Confirmed understanding of C and C++ and object-oriented methodologies.

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