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Job Description:

  1. JobContext&MajorChallenges:

Driven by strong economic growth, construction industry in India is booming resulting in increase of RMC consumption. Various MNCs in partnership with international consultants are executing projects with major focus on retail and medium projects which are challenging, complex and time-bound. RMC offers high-tech solutions to cater to the needs of such projects. This requires the sales and marketing skills to tap the huge potential in this growing market to improve market share.

  1. KeyResultAreas / Accountabilities:

Key Areas of Work
Supporting Actions
Business Development

  • (R) Develop a priority list of market opportunities to explore in their respective market
  • (R) Develop competitive proposals and presentations for potential/ prospective clients and high priority target (Retail & Medium) customers
  • (R) Interact with customers and local officials of competitors to collect information regarding prices, incentives, discounts etc

Customer Management

  • (R) Visit site frequently to meet the concerned site incharge, project managers, influencers and various agencies during project planning & execution and build rapport to execute a smooth flow of operation

Industry Analysis

  • (R,A) Understand the allotted geographic areas regularly and conduct market analysis to assess the market position

Order Planning & Scheduling

  • (R) Provide new customer details to the CSD and help in creating SAP customer code and entering customer details in SAP prior to first dispatch

Payment Receivables

  • (R) Ensure receivables of all outstanding payments / defaulter cases of cheque bouncing or any legal matters
  • (R) Ensure timely delivery of invoices & credit/debit notes
  • (R) Monitor Daily customer wise sales and collection data and ensure timely collections
  • (R) Monitor outstanding payments regularly to identify critical customers and hence strategize receivable collection

Product Rate

  • (R) Ensure closure of sales targets (as per role specific KPIs and targets) within the price range specified in the SOP

Minimum Experience Level:
3-5 Years
Report to:
Senior Officer

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