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Job Description :
Microsoft Digital builds and manages the critical products and services that Microsoft runs on. We boldly pursue big ideas that power transformational advances at Microsoft and for our customers, while helping Microsoft teams work smarter, faster and more securely every day. Microsoft Digital employees have deep technical and business expertise, customer insights, and a clear point of view that comes from first-hand, large-scale experience with Microsoft and industry solutions. We are engineers, technology leaders and experts, digital transformation change agents, and customer advocates.
We have exciting opportunities for you to innovate, influence, transform, inspire and grow within our organization and we encourage you to apply to learn more!
The Supply Chain Engineering team within Platform Engineering (PE), builds engineering tools and systems for the Devices Supply Chain and partners with the Azure team to support the Cloud Supply Chain. The Devices Supply Chain supports getting products like Xbox, Surface, HoloLens into the hands of retail or enterprise customers. The Cloud Supply Chain supports getting server capacity in our Azure Datacenters.
Supply Chain Technology is key to winning in the Devices and Cloud business because it helps us with faster time to market, increasing profitability and improving our customer experience.
We build our engineering tools and platform for HW engineers, Planners, Sourcing Managers, Factory Operations, Logistics and Warehouse Operations, Customer Support, Datacenter Ops, Microsoft Retail Stores – all of these are involved in the whole lifecycle from designing a product to ensuring we can build them at scale and deliver them to our customers. We partner with suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers to make and sell Microsoft products and services.
Our technology stack is a mix of 3rd party (SAP, Ariba, Aras) and homegrown services.
We are looking for a Program Manager to help us creating winning solutions for Supply Chain. There are several key business challenges that contribute directly to improving operational efficiencies, minimizing lead times and grow our revenue.

  • You will work on discovering, defining, articulating, prioritizing, clarifying and delivering outcome based, highly impactful problems
  • You will have an opportunity to directly drive impact in these areas and work with key business stakeholders and external partners.
  • You will have the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of software, driving delivery of both current products as well as helping to define the future of our systems.
  • You will help balance upcoming releases and priorities as you drive the technical strategy, planning and delivery across products and report out regularly on status
  • Collaborate within Microsoft to develop best of breed solutions that are leverageable across multiple architectures and product generations
  • Understand Customer Pain points, Use data Insights for coming up with Hypothesis to solve Business challenges and transform these into a roadmap of Capabilities based on measurable, trackable Outcomes and be a truly Customer Obsessed Program manager
  • Work closely with Supply Chain Operational partners to discover, define, clarify, prioritize and deliver supply chain solutions
  • Need to interface with extended team members (Software Engineers, Architects, configuration engineers, Program managers and support team members) to ensure the highest quality solutions are delivered to our customers.
  • Responsible for designing, developing solutions with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and maintainability while ensuring sound instrumentation and telemetry into the solutions and measure Availability and Operational Intelligence metrics.
  • Expected to be an advocate of the customer by bringing in customer’s perspective when designing, developing and testing solutions.

Other areas of key focus on the team include:

  • Driving innovations in Supply Chain by creating connections across siloed systems by improving our product design and planning accuracy with data from manufacturing, customer care and actual product sales. 
  • Drive intelligence in the platform by using data to drive manufacturing quality, and make recommendations for product design and sourcing of parts, understanding field usage data to drive improved products
  • Driving automation and reducing manual touches
  • Drive capabilities to increase commercial revenue and influence business models for how we sell
  • Drive thought leadership and showcase Supply Chain solutions on the Microsoft stack
  • mba or an m. tech/b. tech/m.c.a degree in computer science or related quantitative field with 8+ years of relevant experience
  • 6+ years of experience in product building, system implementation, process analysis, and enterprise level services/systems.
  • understanding of computer science fundamentals and statistical concepts
  • enjoys working with large-scale data
  • ability to work independently and ramp-up to new areas quickly
  • desire to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • a proven track record of successfully building and leading products using agile methodologies
  • sound judgment, decision-making skills, and ability to work under continual deadline pressure
  • demonstrable passion for continuous applied learning & development
  • creative thinking and problem-solving skills with the ability to deal with ambiguity without stalling progress
  • metrics and data focused and passion for solving customer problems

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