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Key Responsibilities
• Create product structure (3D Model, BOM & Drawing)
• Analyze Statement of Requirements
• Create Design FMEA
• Create product configuration & design
• Define special characteristics
• Perform design release
• Generate cost saving ideas from existing and new design
• Perform initial level of Simulation
Key competencies (Level – Basic / Advanced / Expert)
• Drum brake Design – Expert
• Drum EPB – Advanced
• Catia – Expert
• Hydraulic brake system – Advanced
• Brake System – Advanced
• Self-Management / Time Management – Advanced
• Efficient & structured problem solving – Advanced
• Customer Management skills – Advanced
Desired qualification
• BE Mechanical, Production, Mechatronics
Experience (Mandatory)
• 2 5 years of experience in Drum brake Design
• 2 5 years of experience in Hydraulic brake system, Research & Development / Product Engineering
• 2 years Experience in Electric Park Brake Drum
Experience (Preferred)
• Intercultural / International experience (Germany, Japan)
What we offer
The Autonomous Mobility and Safety Business Area integrates safety technologies and controls vehicle dynamics to ensure safe and comfortable driving. The objective is to implement ‘Vision Zero’, the vision of accident-free driving. Autonomous Mobility and Safety’s components and system capabilities are prerequisites for autonomous mobility.

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