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1. Marketing manager plans and implements web-based/ mobile marketing strategies and campaigns via the company’s website.
2. Marketing Manager has to complete Targets for generating qualified leads as per the requirement of the Company.
3. Coordination with Sales Team and taking report from the Sales. Taking Sales feedback which forms the ground report.
4. Training and Branding Strategy and email campaigns for brand recall Value. There is no brand recall value (Creative Strategies for Brand Recall)
5. Marketing manager collaborates with web development and design teams, provides guidance on marketing-related aspects of the company’s web presence.
6. Marketing manager develops and expands company’s web presence through social media, email, web advertising, and other online sources, promotes company brand through these channels.
7. Drafts, implements, maintains, and revises online marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads.
8. Marketing manager collaborates with web design, development, and content staff to monitor and improve search engine optimization (SEO) results for the company’s website.
9. Maintains current knowledge of trends and developments in online marketing.
10. Assists with budget preparation for marketing department.

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