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Job Description
1. Handling documentation for various types of borrowings ‒ pre and post
2. Handling data requirements of various lenders/ rating agencies/ regulator by liaising with various functions
3. Various compliance requirements for treasury products and updation in legatrix
4. Obtaining and Submission of data to regulators
5. ALM filings with RBI
6. Rating agency compliances
7. CP issuance process and docs related thereto
8. Handling audits- internal/ external/ rbi
9. handling securitization payouts
10. Handling stock audits
11. Handling documentation of transactions relating to LCR/ Investments/ ICDs
12. Tracking of covenants for various borrowings and ensuring compliance
13. Execution of transactions, be it borrowings, investments, funds tfr, interest payments etc
14. Handling Regulatory reporting and generating relevant data
15. Participating in systems development
16. Liasion with legal and secretarial on any of the above matters
17. Interaction with bodies like exchanges, depositories
18. Tracking Valuations, various limits
19. Execution of documents/ Registration of documents

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