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Our goal as Ola Electric, is to enable and maximize the number of electric kms delivered through our ecosystem of products and services. We start with India but our ambitions are global.
E-Rickshaws provide a unique opportunity to build out our charging infrastructure. E-ricks deliver over 50 million kms of electric mobility in India everyday – no other form factor comes close. As such, our near term goal is to launch a swapping network that serves a disproportionate share of e-rickshaw market (100,000 in 2 years)
That said, we are building our batteries and charging infrastructure in a way that it can serve all sorts of electric vehicles tomorrow including 2Ws, our own 3W and potentially small 4Ws
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Mold full scaled and scale models of automobiles in Automotive Clay.
  • Create models, surfaces and details based on 2D sketches and designers inputs.
  • Use clay tools, values and procedures to deliver physical models with speed and accuracy.
  • Create physical properties to support design and management reviews.
  • Play an important role in the design studio, be a vital part of the product development process.
  • Prepare the basic armature or modify existing vehicles for building clay models.
  • Deliver superior quality presentation models for design reviews.

Experience & Skills

  • Understanding of Automotive clay sculpting with sensitivity to proportion, surface and detailing.
  • Proficiency in physical modelling is a must with knowledge of delivering quick to quality models on specific needs.
  • Experience in Motor Bikes and Scooters clay models with working in a Design Studio culture.
  • Should have passion to understand the latest trends in automotive sculpting and be able to solve the complex surfaces and interfaces physically.
  • Strong team working skills to understand the needs and build a learning relationship.
  • Knowledge of Sculpture and able to understand and visualise 3D in different mediums.
  • Knowledge of 3D modelling tools will be a plus.
  • Patience to reiterate and deliver and self-driven.


  • 6+ year of experience with automotive studio’s with at least 2 production programs.
  • Degree/Diploma in Fine Arts/Product Design/Transportation Design is a plus.

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