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VIM Overview- new features in the VIM7.5 release
· VIM Flow- VIM integration with Account Payables scenarios, stages of Vim processing etc.
· Installation and upgrade to VIM 7.5 SP1- Main components of VIM technical installation, archiving VIM invoice, logical archive with Archive server
· Vim Dashboards- VIM indexing screen
· Documents processing- Configuration of document types, process types, process options, business rules
· Invoice process configuration, invoice exception processing, invoice approval configuration
· OCR and open text invoice capture centre- SAP configuration for the ICC
· Incoming Document Framework – IDH (Incoming document framework) framework – primary IDH structure , how to use in conjunction with ICC
· Customization around Integrated Invoice cockpit and Vim workplace
· Customization the PDF history log
· Integration with open text extended ECM
· Configuration of Return to Vendor functionality
· Understanding of SAP data archiving for VIM
· Knowledge around OpenText Methodology for VIM- Phases of a VIM implementation

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