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Key Responsibilities
·Experience in working on Desktop application development
·Hands-on design, analysis, development and troubleshooting of highly-distributed or even standalone large-scale production systems.
·Support healthy software development practices, including complying with the chosen software development methodology (Agile, or alternatives), building standards for code reviews, work packaging, etc.
·Create and maintain monitoring technologies and processes that improve the visibility to our applications performance and business metrics and keep operational workload in-check.
·Develop, communicate, collaborate, and monitor standard processes to promote the long-term health and sustainability of operational development tasks.
·Participate in technical training events, game day scenarios, and professional conferences
·Evaluate software (or configuration) issues with many areas of the system and resolves them in a timely manner.
Must haves –
·6+ Years of experience in desktop application development or related areas
·5+ years of experience in the following areas:
oC#, .net framework, VB.net, WCF
oSql server
oAny JS framework
oHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
o3+ years of experience in the following areas in Event driven enterprise architecture
Good to have –
·Exposure to cloud technologies.
·In-depth knowledge of web protocols – HTTP, web sockets
·Experience in On-prem to Cloud communication and migration.

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