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Storyboard Artist | Illustration | Digital Designing Job Profile : 

-Work with script writers and creative directors to create illustrations, visual theme and art style for clients.
-Ensure that the vision and style of the video is consistently adhered
-Address notes from Director and Creative Supervisors.
-Collaborate with creative department heads and production to review goals and vision for the storyboards and discuss concerns, timelines and complexity, given the parameters of the schedule;.
-Responsible for completing all deliverables on time and according to production schedule
-Ensure that storyboard includes all final dialog, backgrounds, direction, and action by making drawing or text changes in description, dialog or numbering
-Pitch storyboards to Director, crew and executives
-Build captivating design that conveys emotive stories through animations and videos that will grab attention
-Experiment with different creative techniques, tools, and mock up and prototype ideas quickly
-Produce strong conceptual animations using digital designs (storyboards and final executions) that are engaging, unique, and reflect a cohesive brand aesthetic
-Submit work that appropriately aligns with production and workflow guidelines requirements (i.e., naming conventions and storage)
-Knowledge of 2D / 3D animation techniques is a must.

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